wire box

"Wire Box": an accessory for the home and the office, designed and patented to reduce the tangle of wires behind the devices.

villa design

Design of a two-family house in the province of Varese.
While maintaining the original structure of the '50s, we worked on the interior partitions and the "skin" of the building.
It was designed an appropriate insulation system and the elimination of the thermal bridges to retract the building into an efficient class energy.
The old attic was recovered and was made a large terrace on the flat roof.

living box

Competition for the design and construction of a living module transportable by a truck container carrier.
Our "living box" was designed with rational finishing and systems for energy independence.
The housing area, when parked for normal living use, is doubled compared to the one on the truck due to a "telescopic" system to increase the volumes.
One terrace on each side completes the mobile house.


Family house project in the province of Pavia.
The house was designed for a couple without children, living in a lonely place in close contact with the nature .
As the couple loves to travel, it was thought a "drawbridge" system of protection to ensure the maximum safety of the building in the event of prolonged absences.

afghan museum

The shape and the structure of “our” museum resembles the shape of aquamarine gemstone.
Afghan architecture and "style" will be readable in many details and, obviously, in colors.

tender two

"Tender Two" (patent) is a small rubber dinghy that can be enlarged thanks to a runner and hook system between the stern and bow tubular tyres.
As a result, "Tender Two" resolves problems of space, transportation and storage on both sailing and motor boats.
The back part of "Tender Two" runs inside two rigid tubular tyres.
When extended, it's fastened by safety devices that lock the two components in the desired position.
When the dinghy is extended, you get two ample storage inside the front tubulars that contained the stern part when it was closed.